green copyleft refers to both the perception of copyleft ideology from a green perspective and the perception of environmentalism and green technology from a copyleft, anti-intellectual property perspective.

Copyleft from a green perspectiveEdit

Most green/environmentalist advocates would view copylefted ideas and products that can be improved and refurbished often as being useful and reusable for a longer period of time than the most recent, high-tech device that is planned for obsolescence within a short amount of time.

In addition, a number of national green parties have, in their more recent policies and agendas, come out in favor of free software on an anti-corporate basis.

Green and environmentalism from a copyleft perspectiveEdit

Most of the copyleft/anti-IP/pro-commons advocates would view green, environmentally-integratable ideas and lifestyles favorably, but take a skeptical look at green technology that is patented or prevented from third-party production or distribution due to intellectual property enforcements.

As a result, the creation of Linux-preloaded "green PCs" by companies such as Dell, HP and Sun are widely seen as corporate gimmicks to win over both free software and environmental advocates without attacking the extremely corporate, restrictive nature that is only further perpetuated under a "green" veneer.

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